Kamagra Now UK Maximum Powerful-Hard ten days & Black Ant




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Maximum Powerful    (OUT OF STOCK FEB 2017)


Natural and organic sex product
Penis enhancement
No side effect

Brand-new targeted administration technique
Raise the secretion Level of testosterone

Supply nutrients essential for the enlargement of the penis
Enhance the self-confidence in sexual life

Ingredients: Cao yang hui, fruit of the Chinese wolfberry, gingko leaf, east-northern ginseng, the Tibetan red flower, Tian Shan snow flower, the Chinese hawthorn, tu si zi, nui zhen zi and etc…
Use and Dosage:  1 pill 15 mins prior to sexual relations.Specs:2800 mg \* 6 pills/box.


Natural and organic sex product VERY safe to use

Hard Ten Days is specifically made from many kinds

of useful animals and plants.
Prolong erection time
Contains active substances, such as testosterone
Taken after drinking won't affect the effect.

How to use hard ten days
Take 1 capsule 5mins before sexual intercourse.

1. If multi-erection or non-ejaculation happens in sex, please drink cold water.

2. Please don't take it with hypotensive medicine. Do not take repeatedly within one day.

Guarantee period:  5 Years. Storage: Airproof, dry and cool place. Keep out of reach of children.


*Prevents Premature Ejaculation.                        

*Significantly Increase Sex Drive.
*Promote Greater Sexual Arousal.                                                                               
*Intensify Pleasure During Sex.

*Promote Harder Erections and Longer Lasting Sex.
*Produce Longer and Stronger Orgasms.*                

Boost Sexual Stamina.For hundreds of years Chinese herbalists have used the Black Mountain Ant ( Polyrhachis vicina Roger ) to treat rheumatoid arthritis, lumbago/back pain, increase energy levels, decrease muscle pain after exercise, and enhance sexual potency. Black Ant Sex Pills have also been known to increase vaginal secretion for women! She'll be the wettest she's ever been!

Black Ant is 100% natural no physician's prescription is required for purchase. Black Ant contains no prescription drugs.

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